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The Notaires

  • Matthieu Lejeune

    Founding Associate Notaire

    Founding Associate Notaire of N9 NOTAIRES, he assists clients and their families in structuring and securing their various patrimonial operations throughout the important stages of their lives (family support, family companies, cohabitation contracts, joint ownership agreements, pacsimonial contracts, marriage, adoption, separation, transfers from a living person or after a passing, inheritance, international estate planning, sale and acquisition).

  • Charlotte Valson

    Associate Notaire

    Associate Notaire of N9 NOTAIRES, she is specialised in real estate law in the residential and tertiary sectors (offices, businesses, hotels). She advises private clientele as much as investors in their sale or acquisition projects (legal audits, real estate valuation expert reports, subsequent notarial acts) and is in charge of the Negociation and Real Estate Expertise service.


    Associate Notaire

    Associate Notaire of N9 NOTAIRES, he is specialised in institutional real estate law and financing. He helps a French and international clientele (investment funds, private landowners, goods dealers) mainly in the business and tertiary sectors. He also assists individuals and families throughout their various real estate projects (i.e. buying and selling real estates of any nature, rental investments, financing, co-ownership law).