Real estate negociation and expertise

The N9 NOTAIRES office has a department dedicated to real estate negociation and expertise led by Maître Charlotte VALSON.

Real estate negociation

Are you looking to sell or buy real estate ? Your Notaire can take care of everything!

Preliminary legal analysis

Thanks to extensive knowledge of the real estate market and with the help of notarial databases, the Notaire assists you with negociation in the context of a purchase or a sale, all in compliance with the ethical rules and deontology of the notary profession.

A single point of contact

You will benefit from a single point of contact, N9 notaires, from the process of selling or searching for a property to buy, to the signing of the sale deed.

Reliability of the quotation & Responsiveness

Your Notaire will rapidly offer a reliable property quotation and will advise you in advance, even before it is put up for sale, on the legal, tax and patrimonial aspects of the transaction. This will help structure the case, and save you time.

To speed up the sale, your Notaire can also offer you to go through Immo-Interactif, an exclusively notarial tool, similar to an online sales room allowing you to sell your property to the best bidder within the desired timeframe, with all notary service guarantees.

Negociation fees

The N9 Notaires fees are as follows :

Selling priceFees excluding taxFees including tax (20% VAT)
Up to €200,0005% excluding tax6% including tax*
Over €200,000 up to €400,0004% excluding tax4,8% including tax
Over €400,000 up to €1,000,0003.33% excluding tax4% including tax
Over €1,000,0003% excluding tax3.6% including tax
*Minimum fees : €3,500 including tax

For the production of a real estate valuation

  • Appartement located in inner Paris : €510 including tax (€425 excluding tax) *
  • Other types or atypical properties: on quotation

* offered as part of the signing of an exclusive sales mandate

Valuation expertise

The notarial profession adhered to the TEGOVA (The European Group of Valuers' Associations) standards as a way to be embedded within the scope of real estate expertise and improve the quality of service in that field.

Our office is able to carry out assessments in accordance with the international methodological, ethical and professional rules set by TEGOVA. This ensures that the missions we are entrusted with are completed within deadline, that our approach is impartial and that our methods are at a high standard of quality.

The motivations for requesting our real estate valuation expertise are numerous, such as:

  • Real estate sales
  • Exchange
  • Sharing
  • Shared gifts
  • Inheritance settlement
  • Division of property
  • Disposal of community property in the case of a divorce
  • Mortgages, bridge loans
  • IFI (real estate wealth tax) declaration
  • The Tax Administration dispute over a declared value
  • Determining commercial or residential rental values
  • Asset management
  • The provision of real estate by a company in the case of a merger

The N9 notaires fees for the production of an expertise report are given on quotation.