Corporate life

You wish to create your company, with your family or not, structure your activity, anticipate its management, secure your partners accross various social life event occurences (incapacity, death, etc.) or facilitate the transfer of your business to buyers or your heirs ?

Your notaire will take care of everything and provide custom-made advice on the various legal and tax aspects in order to ensure a peaceful management of your activity and meet you investment and security objectives!

The N9 NOTAIRES office supports your corporate or commercial law projects with responsiveness, transparency and rigour throughout the entire process, with direct communication with the client and the different stakeholders (lawyers, accountants, wealth management advisors, etc.), to ensure the legal and fiscal security of the operation.

The N9 NOTAIRES office has a department dedicated to legal and commercial formalities to deliver a comprehensive service to its clients. From company statuses write-up to its registration in the national register. From the drafting of a commercial lease contract endowed with enforceability upon the completion of subsequent obligatory formalities, through writing a contract for the transfer of business assets, to the fulfillment of legal formalities.

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